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I’ve been very happy working out with Angela for the
past two months.   I was a little hesitant to workout with
a trainer initially, as I was afraid of being forced into a
grueling workout.  But Angela specifically asked me,
“if you could design the perfect workout, what would it
be?”  She listened, designed a great routine, and
she tailored it specifically for my needs.  Interestingly,
she also was able to assess my posture and how it
affected my back, neck, shoulders and knees- which were
all causing some pain.  The workouts have been easy to
learn and not intimidating; she’s a good teacher.
And,   I can truly say after about 3 weeks,
I was standing up straighter with my shoulders back,
without even focusing on my posture.  Also, at 3-4 weeks,
my knees were a lot less painful with walking and going up
and down stairs.  I would highly recommend an assessment
and workout with Angela!
~Sonia B



“When I met Angela Hunter in 2009, I felt desperate and alone with the 25 pounds I gained in the past six years.  I had never had a weight problem and was always very active, including long distance running, biking, downhill skiing and a lot of tennis.  I loved being 5’9” and 130 pounds; I have to admit, that was a part of my identity.  In 2003, I developed Arthritis in my feet and knees and I had to stop running and playing tennis.  At that same time, I was going through Menopause and all of these things lead to a weight gain of 25 pounds.  I felt very frustrated with my weight, and I got involved in crazy eating habits.  It was a vicious circle, dieting, weight gain, and then dieting again.  Angela helped me get off that dreadful cycle.  Her compassionate and yet firm approach to healthy eating and sensible exercise proved to be what I needed to learn.  Angela “Gets It.”  She helped me realize “we need to eat– that is, “eat healthy food in moderation.”  She answered my questions; for example, “What foods in what combination would be healthy for me?”  I am now losing the weight I gained and I feel great.  I will soon be back to my slender self. 


Whatever your challenges may be with regard to being healthy, any fitness goals you may have and if you want an overall positive approach to maintaining a healthy weight for your height and age, Angela is the one to seek out.  I highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants to achieve their highest level of good health and fitness.”

–Diane Abrams


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