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Aha Nutrition Program

When it comes to changing your body, 85% of your results are about what you eat. Whether you want to lose body fat, build muscle, or just feel better, you need a sound nutrition plan.

But how do you know which nutrition plan is right for you? There’s low carb, low glycemic, low calorie. Some say to cut out gluten and dairy. Is soy good for you or not? Should you eat 3 square meals or 6 small ones? And is it okay to eat a snack before bed? There are so many different theories on what, when, and how much to eat. How do you know which plan is right for you?

Come to Aha Fitness and let me show you how your body can tell us the perfect nutrition plan for you. Your body requires a unique calorie level, macronutrient ratio, and micronutrient balance to get you fit. We will use the Aha EAT* (Experiment/Analyze/Track) method to observe bio markers such as blood sugar, ketones, and digestive health. As you gain more knowledge about how your body works, you will discover exactly what nutrition your body needs to reach your fitness goals. You will Discover Your Power!

Your 28 Day Aha Nutrition Program includes:

Current Nutrition Assessment

Aha Personalized Grocery List

Aha Personalized Sample Menus

Aha EAT* Nutrition Plan

Weekly Consultations to give you Motivation, Accountability, Guidance, Information, and Care


Initial Consultation and Materials (1-2 hours) $200

4 Weekly Consultations (20 minutes each by phone or in person) FREE     *limited time offer


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One response to “Aha Nutrition Program

  1. Sally says:

    Angela knows more about nutrition than many doctors. She knows how to reset your metabolism, jump start your weight loss and develop a healthy relationship with food and with your body.

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