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Aha Exercise Program

After good nutrition, getting regular exercise is vital for reaching your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose body fat, build muscle, or just feel better, you need a solid exercise program.

Most people know exercise is good for their health, but many do not know the most effective way to exercise to help them reach their fitness goals. Yes, cardio has some benefits, but what about chronic cardio? Should you do HITT? Does muscle confusion really work? What’s the difference between building muscle and getting toned? There are so many theories on what is the best way to exercise, how do you know which exercise program is right for you?

Come to Aha Fitness and let me show you your body can tell us the perfect exercise program for you. Your body responds to a unique way of exercising. For optimal fitness, it’s not just about burning calories. We will use exercises that can help you develop better posture, reduce aches and pains, increase bone density, improve your circulation, and even balance your hormones. We will use the Aha SWEAT *(Stretch/Walk/Experiment/Analyze/Track) method to discover exactly what exercises are best for your body. You will Discover Your Power!

Your 28 Day Aha Exercise Program includes:

Current Posture and Movement Analysis

Aha SWEAT * Personalized Exercises and Workout Plan

Private Personal Training Sessions (1 to 2x per week) to give you Motivation, Accountability, Guidance, Information, and Care


Initial Consultation and Materials(1 hour) $100

Personal Training Sessions 

     $60 each or

     $200 for 4 sessions or

     $360 for 8 sessions


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