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About Me

Hi, I’m Angela Hunter, or some know me as the Aha Girl!

My fitness background is what I like to call a journey. It started working-out with Jane Fonda (still my idol) in my living room, and, my goodness, has it changed since.

Fitness began for me as fun. As a kid, I loved to dance, play, and move my body. I didn’t think much about what my body looked like, and I ate typical kid foods like pop-tarts and macaroni-and-cheese. Looking back now, I realize however, my issues with food started when I was fairly young. I remember I tried my first diet when I was in the fourth grade. It was the peanut butter sandwich diet which consisted of having one pb sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ll never forget coming home one day after school and being so hungry that I broke the diet rules and stuffed my face with cookies. I felt horrible both physically and mentally, yet it would take me years to figure out diets don’t work.

Throughout my life, my weight has gone up and down. In high school and college, I struggled with anorexia and bulimia. In my twenties, I got better, but then my dad got sick with cancer, and I started binge eating. I gained over 50lbs above my healthy weight.

I eventually lost the weight doing an organized weight loss program (and even became a weight loss consultant), but my unhealthy relationship with food and my body still continued. I was definitely making progress, but I still needed to take a new direction in my fitness journey.

Then, on my 25th birthday, I suffered a sports injury that would be one of my greatest blessings. I was out for a run, pushing my body farther than it wanted to go because I was trying to burn off the birthday cake I had eaten too much of, when suddenly—I tore my adductor muscle.

In the months after my injury, I tried and tried to continue to exercise with cross-training, but I just could not. My leg continued to hurt, and slowly I started to develop other ailments like chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and all over muscle and joint pain. I have heard people refer to what I was experiencing as a “healing crisis.” It seemed the more I stressed my body with exercise and calorie restriction, the worse I felt. I remember being scarred that I was going to be in pain forever.

This caused me to reframe my purpose for fitness. It stopped being about looking a certain way or pushing my body to the max.  Instead my focus was healing my body and restoring my health.

I began to educate myself on nutrition and exercise. My knowledge transcended what I already knew about calories in and calories out. I learned how hormones, blood sugar, and food allergies can affect one’s health and well-being. I learned about the importance of getting sleep, reducing stress, and playing more. Most important, I learned about myself.   I discovered my body can tell me exactly what it needs if I just pay attention. Little did I know; I was planting the seed for Aha Fitness.

As I continued to understand more and more about what my body needed, I started to feel better. Never again would I have to adhere to some diet or exercise regimen.  I developed a system for experimenting and analyzing how my body responded to different ways of eating and exercising to determine what worked for my body and what did not.  It felt like I was taking care of myself in a way that was both scientific and instinctual.   Aha! I was learning how to Discover My Power.

People began to notice. I was maintaining my healthy weight (with little effort), my skin cleared-up, and I had that healthy glow that comes with feeling good. At first, they wanted to do whatever I was doing, but I quickly explained to them that the secret was they needed to find out what worked for them.   Soon, I started to have clients who were learning to Discover Their Power.

Now, here I am the creator and trainer of Aha Fitness. I am a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant. I teach people how to use the Aha Fitness method to reach their fitness goals, and I would love to help you. Aha Fitness is not a diet or exercise regimen.  It’s more like a map and a light that will guide you down the right path in your own fitness journey. At Aha Fitness, I will help you Discover Your Power! 


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