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Don’t let Holiday Weight Gain Scare You (October Post)

on September 29, 2013

Boo!  Can you believe it?  October has floated in like a ghost at Halloween.  And for many, October is the beginning of the holiday season.

First, there is the candy on display at the store.  You tell yourself you’ll get some, but you won’t open it until October 31st.  Right?  Or, maybe you convince yourself to not even get the chocolate stuff because you know yourself.  You decide to get the lollipops or spider rings instead for the kiddies.  But then, why do they have to put the Reece’s Peanut butter Pumpkin Cups in your checkout line?

From there, the candy just keeps stalking you worse than the Grim Reaper.  People bring it to work, your kids bring it home from school, there are even have little dishes of candy corn sitting out at the doctor’s office.  The doctor’s office!

So what do you do?  This is only the first holiday of the season, you know.  You’ve got over three months ahead of you that you’ll need to carry around your powers of discipline and self-restraint like a neon glow stick.  If you want to scare away any extra pounds from undermining your weight loss and fitness, you know you’ll have to stay focused.  Do you want the fright of stepping on the scale after a holiday season of over-feasting?  Of course, not.  You want the sweat treat of looking and feeling good at the start of the New Year.

So in the hallowed spirit of staying true to what really matters most to you, I suggest you take these beginning days of October and get clear about where you want to be come January 1st.  What eating and exercise habits do you want to promise yourself you will maintain through the hustle and bustle and holiday dinners?  Develop a plan for how you can stay committed and a plan B for those festive yet frustrating challenges that get in your way.  And remember, if you need a personal trainer to support you with all of this, I am here to help.

You see, October can be your month to set yourself up successfully for the holidays.  Don’t let the excess calories or holiday stress scare you away from sticking with your nutrition and fitness program.  Get focused, plan smart, and let your motivation shine like a neon glow stick for you all the way to January.

If you’d like to treat us with your ideas for how you scare away those pounds for Halloween or any time from October to January 1st, please leave a comment below!


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