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Top 10 List of Hot Things This July

Do you know what’s hot?  July in San Diego!  If you are going to be active outdoors, drink plenty of fluids and consider timing your workouts in the earlier morning or evening when it’s not so hot.

Do you know what else is hot?  If you are staying committed to your fitness goals this month, here is your ….

Top 10 List of Hot Things This July

1.  Your sweaty glow post-workout

2.  Your yoga mat drying in the sun

3.   Your bare feet as you walk or jog in the sand

4.  That new outfit you just bought…one size smaller

5.  Your arms (yes, they really are getting toned)

6.  How you got in one more push-up

7.  The candles you lit for your bubble bath (to ease those sore muscles)

8.  Getting in one more push-up

9.  Those complements you keep getting

10.  Realizing you are getting stronger, fitter, and leaner everyday.  In other words, Discovering your Power! 

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