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Beyond the Bikini

on May 31, 2013

Do you know what I love about my clients?  My clients go beyond the bikini.  That’s right.  When I ask them why they want to get in shape for summer, their motivation is more meaningful than wanting to fit into some silly yellow polka-dot apparel.

Take my client who wants to keep up with her grandchildren.  Then, there is my client who wants to one day do 5 unassisted pull-ups.  I even have a client who is just excited he can finally bend over to tie his shoes.  For my clients, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good.  It’s about taking good care of themselves so they can be in their best shape to take care of the ones they love.  My clients know that by making fitness a part of their life, they can have a better quality of life.

And, get this–my clients aren’t just smart about fitness, my clients are Aha smart about fitness!  That means my clients know the little ahas that work for them when it comes to how to eat and exercise their bodies.  Their goals are specific to what they need, and their knowledge and awareness of themselves allows me to design the perfect exercise programs for them.  For example, I have a client, Sonia, who has a painful knee condition who can now lift, jog, and execute a mean curtsy squat.  She knows she needs to develop the muscles in her legs to relieve the pressure in her knees and she works at it.  At the same time, she is smart enough to know her limitations.  I am in awe of her inner and outer beautiful strength.

Sonia is just one of my clients who know what her body needs and goes after it.  Whether it be to build up their strength and endurance with weights and cardio or repair their body with stretching and mobility work, my clients are tuned in to what their body tells them with improve the way they feel.  They understand getting fit isn’t just about sweating.  It’s not just about putting in a workout video and getting through it.  My clients know the body needs different tools and different moves at different times.  They know to pick up the foam roller before the dumbbell.  They know staying with their breath is more important than how long they can hold their plank pose.

A healthy body doesn’t just look good in a swimsuit.  A healthy body stands tall and strong.  It is free of aches and pains and is flexible and has good posture.  A healthy body breaths deep and laughs loud because we all feel better when we exercise.  This summer, you may see one of my clients in a bathing suit (and yes, you can compliment them on their improving figure).  But, I’m sure if you see one of my clients, you will see them wearing their health body with pride.   My clients are beautiful.  I love you all.


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