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Two Hearts are Better Than One

on February 15, 2013

Recently I shared with an acquaintance that one of my life goals is to write a book.  I hadn’t shared this goal with many people as the task seems daunting and I realize the odds of it getting published are small.  To my surprise and awe, this woman shared with me she has always wanted to write a book as well, and in fact, she had already started the process.  She just wished she had the time and discipline to write more regularly.

That night, I had a dream, or actually, I had a vision of this woman and me writing together.  There we were nestled in the corner of a coffee shop with our ideas brewing and my heart warm with joy as we created our best-selling fitness book.

The next day, with albeit hesitation, I e-mailed the woman to tell her my dream.  I was nervous how she would take it.  Was I being too presumptuous?  Would she even want my help?  It took her a few days to respond, but when I saw her message in my inbox, my heart leapt.  “Yes,” she said.  “I would love a writing partner and you are the perfect person to help me with it.”

Since then, she and I have had several writing sessions together, some of them in a coffee shop that looks dreamily familiar, (ah ha) and I am so thankful I had the courage to ask.  The reality is I probably wouldn’t have started a book on my own, and she told me without me, she didn’t know if she would have taken this book we are writing to its completion.  We both agree we needed the Accountability, Support, and Belief of each other to make our dream of writing a fitness book come true.

My message to you then on this post Valentine ’s Day is to reflect on what you love (or used to love) and ask yourself who you can ask to help you with it.  Do you have a forgotten hobby you’ve become too busy to do?  Do you have a dream you’ve almost given up on?  Maybe your love is you.  Are you doing everything you can to love yourself?  Are you making the time to eat right, exercise, or even just play?

If you are struggling to keep that thing you love in your life, please consider asking a friend, family member, or a coach like me J to be your partner in keeping the love alive.  Have the two of you come up with a plan.  Tell him/her what you need.  Ask what you can do for them in return.  It works.  I promise you—two hearts are better than one.

Now tell me about your love?  Have you already accomplished something in your life thanks to the support of another?  Come on and leave your comments below so we can all share the love!how to draw a dragon heart, dragon and heart step 1


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