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Unhinge with Uttanasana

on February 5, 2013

You don’t have to go to a class or stand on a mat to do yoga.  The physical branch of yoga (the poses or asanas) can be done anytime and anywhere.  Yoga is about putting your body in different positions, which put your spirit in a different place as well.  This means you can use a quick yoga pose at any moment in your day to help you calm down, reduce your stress, lift your mood, etc.

One my favorite “go-to” yoga poses is Uttanasana, a forward bending pose that relieves tension in my neck, lower back, and nervous system.  After two or three minutes of Uttanasana, I can think more clearly and breathe more deeply.

Here is how to do Uttanasana:

1.  Stand with your feet forward, hip distance apart.

2.  Bend forward at the hips and let your upper body just hang.

3.  You can cross your arms and hold onto your elbows or place your hands on either side of your feet.

4.  Let your head drop away from your shoulders.  Unclench your jaw and shake your head gently from side to side.

5.  Inhale and every time you exhale, sink more deeply into the pose.



Your turn.  Got a “go-to” yoga pose?  How does your pose help change your body, mind, and spirit?



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