Aha Fitness

Discover Your Power!


Welcome to Aha Fitness! You found the place where you can discover what you truly need to achieve your fitness goals.

Would you like to improve your health? Lose body fat? Have more energy? Increase your strength?

Aha Fitness is like no other. So many people and companies out there try and tell you “the best” way to get in shape. The problem is some of what they recommend may work for you, and some of it may not. At Aha Fitness, we use self-knowledge and experimentation to determine which of the diet and exercise principles are right for you. Your body has a unique genetic make-up, metabolism, and fitness history. Think of 3 people in your life who you consider to be in shape. Do they all eat and exercise exactly the same way? Of course not. Everyone is different and you deserve a fitness program that is specific to your body and lifestyle. At Aha Fitness, we let your own body tell us what really works “the best” for you.Whatever your fitness goals, you and I can make it happen.

My name is Angela Hunter and I want to be your fitness coach. I have been a professional in the Health and Wellness field since 2001. I am a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and yoga instructor. Most important, I have personal experience struggling with my own fitness goals. After years of not liking my body and having an unhealthy relationship with food, I lost 50 pounds and I have maintained ideal weight for many years. At Aha Fitness, I will share with you the latest in nutrition and exercise science, and together, we will design a program that is perfect for you.

You came to this website because you were searching for support with your fitness goals. You have some idea of what you need to be successful and you know you need a plan and now Aha! You found me and this is perfect because now you can reach your goals the best way possible. Even more, you will always know exactly how to let your body tell you what it needs to continue to stay fit naturally. Ready? It’s time to Discover Your Power!

Contact me at (760) 519-9023 or ahafitness@outlook.com.


One response to “Aha!

  1. Sally says:

    Thank you Angela. You designed a nutrition and fitness program just for me and it WORKS.

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